Shamans of the Blind Country

1981-04-11 | 03h 43min

The life and healing practices of a tribe in the Himalayas in north-western Nepal. Shamans of the Blind Country is an epic documentary on faith healing in a remote region of North West Nepal. Over a period of eighteen months the film follows the life and ritual of a local religious practice, kindred in spirit to the many variations of the great inner-Asian traditions of shamanism characteristic for the Siberian part of Northern Asia and the entire Himalayan region. Part I pursues the various types of healing rituals enacted by the shamans of the northern Magar of the Dhaulagiri region (in North West Nepal) for the benefit of their clients. Part II of the film is focussed mainly on the transmission of shamanic knowledge from master to pupil. This is a long process of increasing intensity.

Director: Michael Oppitz
Starring: Beth Bahadur, Bal Bahadur, Tul Bahadur,

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