Out Of The Darkness

2012-03-29 | 01h 22min
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The Nepalese surgeon Dr. Sanduk Ruit, his American colleague Dr. Geoff Tabin, and their team of local assistants hike with an entire hospital on porter’s backs to the very remote highlands of Nepal’s Northeast. For 25 USD and 5 min per operation, they restore sight to cataract blinded people in the most remote and inaccessible areas on Earth. Out of the darkness is an emotional documentary that shows how this simple and inexpensive surgical procedure is not only life-changing for those affected by cataract, but also influences the economic structure of these remote communities which are dependent on the well being of the family.

Director: Stefano Levi
Written By: Stefano Levi Lisa Wagner
Starring: Dr. Sanduk Ruit, Geoff Tabin, David Oliver Relin,

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