Every society has its hermits, its unsubdued. Tiger Baba is one of those. He is a rebel within Hinduism. When he became an Aghori Sadhu thirteen years ago, Tiger Baba chose his side, the side of the Hindu gods. Born in the 18th century in India, the Aghori sect now only has a few hundred adepts. In Katmandou, Nepal, Tiger Baba is probably the only one. In his cave, he shares his existence between holy life and chaotic drifts. With this dark look of his, his painted face, his naked body, Tiger Baba fascinates some and frightens others. "Aadesh baba - so be it" is the story of a quest which must lead the sadhu to the divine. But men have to set themselves free from pain to reach eternity. Between alcoholic drifts and holy life, will Tiger baba succeed?

Director: Aurore Laurent Adrien Viel

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