Bunu, a modern village girl, born in lower middle-class family, who is a Nursing graduate. She wants to go abroad for further study, preferably Australia, to seek a better future. Her parents who have already spent the better part of their fortune to educate her with a Nursing Degree cannot afford for her further studies abroad. She teams up with her sister Devi who’s having nightmare about future of her family. They struggle to find the way Bunu can go on for further studies and uplift Devi’s family status.

Director: Apil Bista
Written By: Apil Bista
Starring: Laxmi Bardewa, Sarita Giri, Arjesh Regmi, Lokendra Lekhak, Shilpa Maskey, Bholaraj Sapkota, Najir Husen, Jivan Bhattarai,

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