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Based on a novel "Teen Ghumti" by Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala. Indira, a girl from the ethnic group of Newars, falls in love with Pritambar, who is a Brahmin. She marries him, defying her parents. Pritambar has strong morals but lacks any sense of romance. He is involved with a group of revolutionaries who are planning protests against the autocratic rule. This group regularly meets at Pritambar's house and the members get to know Indira. When the security forces crack down on the revolutionary movement, Pritambar is imprisoned. Another member of the group, Roshan, comes to Indira's aid. He starts living with her and soon falls in love. Though she rejects his advances in the beginning, she eventually gives in. Their taboo relationship leads to Indira's pregnancy. With Pritambar due to be released, Indira is faced with a dilemma in her conservative society.

Director: Baburam Dhakal
Written By: BP Koirala
Starring: Garima Panta, Madan Das Shrestha, Dhruba Dutta, Sushant Karki, Bhuwan Chand,

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