( 2000 )

02h 44min Romance, History, Musical,

Basanti is a historical love story based on the novel by Diamond Shamsher.It depicts the story of a girl along with the accounts of the historical events during the time of Junga Bahadur Rana, the first Rana Prime Minister of Nepal.

Director : Neer Bikram Shah Starring : Karisma Mahandhar, Rajesh Hamal, Gauri Malla, Pawan Mainali, Ashok Sharma, Divya Dutta,

( 2015 )

Social, Suspance, Crime, Political, History,

Seto Bagh is a 2015 Nepali historical film directed by Neer Shah. The cast includes BS Rana, Rajaram Poudel, Rabi Giri, Shyam Rai and Anjana Kattel. This movie is based on a historical novel of the same name written by one of the prominent Nepalese novelists Diamond Shumsher Rana.

Director : Nir Shah Starring : Rabi Giri, Nir Shah, Pawan Mainali, Shyam Rai, Rajaram Poudyal, Muna Karki, B.S. Rana, Sakar Panta, Nirjan Shrestha, Aabha Aryal, Ganesh Munal, Anita K.C., Sarbajit Timalsina,

( 2010 )

Social, Thriller, History,

Based On the report presented by different commissions on the 1993-5-17 dasdhunga incident.

Director : Manoj Pandit Starring : Dayahang Rai, Saugat Malla, Sanchita Luitel, Bishwa Basnet, B.S. Rana, Kamal Gaule, Anup Baral, Ramsharan Pathak, DR KP Bhandari,

( 1995 )

History, Romantic,

Prem Pinda is a historical love story based on a real life of General Aidwin during Rana regime.

Director : Yadav Kharel Starring : Laxmi Giri, Melina Manandhar, Harihar Sharma, Saroj Khanal, Nir Shah, Rajpal Thapa, Narendra Thapa, Ramchandra Adhikari, Umesh Mayalu, Sushila Rayamajhi, Rachana Singh, Rajaram Poudyal,

( 2008 )


Based on a true story of a girl, Maina Sunar, who was raped and killed by Nepal Army personnel on February 2004.

Director : K.P. Pathak Starring : Ram Sharan Pathak, Anita K.C., Rabi Khadka, Pushkar Bhatta, K.P. Pathak, Pradip Niraula,

( 2011 )

02h 27min Drama, Musical, Biography,

A journey of a singer (Bhakta Raj Acharya) who grew up in an extreme poverty without father. his chances of achieving his dream of becoming a singer was slim to none, under the circumstances he was in. But, he over came all the obstacles and became one of the greatest singers of Nepal, just find his destiny waiting for him with a different plan. Because of fast spreading tumor in his tongue, he had to choose between his tongue and his life. Bhakta's tragic musical journey is picked up by his two sons from the point where he left off. He still lives in Kathmandu with his wife, sons, daughter in law and grand child.

Director : Prashant Rasaily Starring : Aruna Karki, Sunil Pokharel, Satya Raj Acharya,

( 2016 )

Drama, Animation, Biography,

First animated feature film in Nepalbhasha/Nepali languages with English subtitles, is a biopic on Shankhadhar Shakhwa, who cleared everyone's debt and started Nepal's original era, Nepal Samvat, on 20th October 879 AD.

Director : Sanyukta Shrestha Starring : Madan Krishna Shrestha, Kiran K.C., Rajaram Poudel,

( 2018 )

02h 18min Romance, Biography,

Shristi was studying in grade 8 when she lost her sight due to carelessness hospital and doctor. After the incident she and her family became hopeless but she didn't give up.

Director : Milan Chams Starring : Arpan Thapa, Gauri Malla, Benisha Hamal, , Anil Keshari Shah, Bashanta Bhatta,

( 2018 )

02h 10min Drama,

'Bobby' is a complete romantic Nepali family drama based on a real incident and revolves around a deeply-in-love couple and shows their love relationship, struggle and achievement. What's interesting about this project is that the movie will feature the same couple in lead on whom the film is being made. This is the first time in Nepali film industry's history that the real life characters are being shown as reel life couple, too.

Director : Milan Chams Starring : Desh Bhakta Khanal, Rashmi Bhatta, Surbir Pandit, Vijay Lama, Baldip Rai, Ravi Giri, Purnima Lama, Shishir S.J.B. Rana, Badal Bhatta, Kabita Gurung, Umesh Thapa, Rubi Rana Shaha, Elias Thapa,

( 1999 )

02h 51min History,

Historical biopic based on the life of Nepali poet Bhanubhakta Acharya.

Director : Yadav Kharel Starring : Umesh Mayalu, Dr. Ghanshyam Khatiwada, Anita Silwal, Dilip Rayamajhi, Kamal Mani Dixit, Bikki Shah, Gopal Nepal, Suvarna Shrestha,

( 2018 )

02h 18min Drama, Biography,

Based on Nepalese politician Rup Chandra Bista known as Ru Da Ne (Rup Daman Nepal) was change maker, philosopher and politician who had extraordinarily complex character. This largely forgotten man who started ‘Thaha’ movement is still a very mysterious personality to many even after 17 years of his death. We tried to find some basic facts about his personal life and his ‘Thaha’ movement.

Director : Bikash Dhakal Amit Kishor Subedi Starring : Namrata Shrestha, Divya Dev Panta, Anubhav Luintel,